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Specimen Carp Lake - Ravenfield Ponds - Coarse Fishing in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

Specimen Carp Lake

This pond is reserved solely for the use of carp anglers, subject to having the correct three rod day and night permit. Details of how to apply for a permit and cost can be found on the membership page.

Specimen Carp Lake

The pond has a large stock of specimen carp with most in excess of 15lbs, going to high twenties. During the last year a high number of 20lbs fish have been caught including fish of 26lbs, 25lbs and 23lbs.

Carp under water in our Specimen Carp Lake

A group of small carp around five pounds has been seen recently, but only one, a beautifully fully scaled mirror has been caught.

An outline of the pond depths can be seen below,CarpPond (640x400).jpg

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