The rules that apply to fishing on all of the ponds at Ravenfield Park are listed below.
These rules have been produced mainly with the aim of protecting the fishery, the surrounding environment and the nature within the site. Please observe the rules as failure to do so will result in loss of membership.
Please note that these rules do not necessarily apply on Kilnhurst and District Angling Alliance waters.
These rules are reproduced in your permit.

General Rules

  1. Membership is open to Phoenix & Parkgate Angling Club members and to associate members, as per Club rules.
  2. Any member, either Associate or Works, is allowed to bring one juvenile (family or friend under 16 years old to fish, free of charge.) This does not apply to the Carp pond. Anglers are not allowed to bring other guests to fish.
  3. Juveniles must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  4. All anglers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Licence.
  5. A member’s permit and licence must be produced on request by another member or bailiff. No permit or licence means NO FISHING.
  6. All members may act as bailiffs.
  7. Any signs of pollution must be reported to: –
    • The Enviroment Agency on freephone 0800 807060
    • The club office on 01709 363788 or a member of the committee.
  8. Anglers must fish at the designated pegs, but not between them, to allow bank side vegetation to grow. Unauthorised cuttings of banks and vegetation is prohibited.
  9. No tins are allowed on the bank.
  10. Unauthorised sailing of boats, swimming, shooting, camping, horse riding and lighting fires are all prohibited.
  11. Dogs must be kept under control and must not enter the water. Dogs must not be allowed to defaecate anywhere on the pond banks.
  12. Cars must be parked neatly to allow access by other vehicles.
  13. A Ravenfield permit must not be transferred or loaned to any other person. Any person attempting to gain admission by false pretences will be liable to prosecution.
  14. Gates must be kept locked at all times, when not in use.
  15. Failure to observe these rules, or to knowingly not report those who break them, can result in loss of membership.
  18. Anglers must not leave litter. All litter to be removed from pegs after fishing.
  19. Drinking alcohol and taking prohibited substances is not allowed whilst fishing.
  20. Matches may only be organised and run by committee members or previously nominated and approved personnel.

Anyone found breaking these rules will have their membership suspended until the matter is considered by the Section Committee.
A full copy of the club constitution is available upon request.

Angling Rules

  1. Members can only fish with one rod, unless they have a two rod permit for the silver fish ponds or a multirod permit for fishing on the specimen carp pond. Single rod members can apply to the committee for a two rod or multirod permit at any time.
  2. Anglers using two rods must do so in the confines of their own peg.
  3. At no time should a rod be left in the water unattended. The use of bite alarms constitutes ‘attended’ but the angler must remain within 3m of his tackle, or nominate an attendee. Using a remote receiver does not constitute being in charge of unattended rods.
  4. Anglers using three rods must act in a responsible manner and not inconvenience others; Fishing in the specimen carp pond is restricted to carp only. Anglers must use minimum line strength of 11 pounds. Anglers should not fish for other species. Associate members wishing to fish the specimen carp pond must be in possession of a multirod permit.
  5. An angler’s tackle must not encroach beyond halfway between himself and the anglers on either side. In addition, if there is an angler directly opposite on the far bank, the angler should not fish beyond halfway.
  6. Anyone fishing for carp on the Carp Pond must use a landing net of 36 inch min. diameter.
  7. Fixed leads are not allowed. Rigs must be constructed in such a way as to incorporate a lead clip system and the beads on helicopter  rigs must be able to slide from the leaders in the event of a breakage.
  8. Feeders must be free running and not looped or fixed with shot/stops.
  9. Anglers fishing Burcliff Pond are restricted to the North East Bank.
  10. Keep nets can be used to retain all fish with the exception of any fish in excess of three pounds in weight. Fish above this size must be kept in approved ‘carp nets’.
  11. No fish to be kept in keep nets [on any pond] for more than six hours.
  12. Carp may be kept in approved sacks for a short period only, to allow weighing and photographic equipment to be prepared.
  13. Bloodworm and joker are not allowed.
  14. Barbed hooks or hooks with nipped barbs are not permitted on any pond. Hooks must be barbless.
  15. Unhooking mats must be used for all fish on the specimen carp pond.
  16. From time to time the committee may authorise certain practices outside of these rules for the benefit of the fishery. In such cases written authority should be carried.
  17. 2 Persons only per Bivvy. 1 Bivvy per permit.
  18. Braid must not be used as a main line on the Carp Pond.

Anyone found breaking these rules will have their membership suspended until the matter is considered by the Section Committee.

Match Rules

  1. All fish to count excluding Trout, Grayling Salmon
  2. No dead weight fish to be weighed, including eels.
  3. Anglers should only fish with one rod and one hook at any time during the match.
  4. Other rods may be set up, but hooks not baited.
  5. Ground bait can be wetted for use before the match.
  6. Marginal weed can be cleared from the swim before the start of the match.
  7. Anglers may plumb the depth of the swim with a float, leger or feeder prior to the start of the match
  8. The swim cannot be fed before the start of the match.
  9. Feeding by pole cup is allowed while fishing.
  10. The use of artificial baits, spinning, live-baiting (including re-hooking) is not allowed.
  11. The use of bloodworm and joker is not allowed.
  12. Any angler leaving his peg during the match must remove his tackle from the water and respect other anglers by keeping clear of them.
  13. Assistance with a landing net is allowed, should it be required.
  14. Any angler dissatisfied with his peg, must ask the match officials for a re-draw. Having inspected the original peg, the official will give a decision.
  15. Any angler hooking a fish on, or before, the whistle, will be given fifteen minutes to land it.
  16. If, in a match, the number of competitors catching fish is less that the pools prizes available, any section money that is not won shall be drawn out of a hat. The remaining pools shall be shared proportionately by the successful competitors according to their position in the match e.g. 50%, 33% and 17% for three catchers. If only one angler catches a fish, then he shall take all the pools monies except the remaining section prizes.
  17. All competitors are asked to weigh their catches to ensure that points for the Angler of the Year competition are representative.
  18. Competitors may wade up to knee depth.
  19. Complaints against any competitor must be brought to the attention of officials as soon as possible and prior to the official results being announced.
  20. Anyone found to be breaking any rules shall be disqualified.

Anyone found breaking these rules will have their membership suspended until the matter is considered by the Section Committee.