Upcoming Fishing Matches

The club runs a match programme, for members only, which is second to none, averaging possibly one match/week throughout the season.

Throughout the summer there is a series of matches held on Tuesday evenings at the ponds, and during the day on Wednesdays on Burcliffe Pond, while during the winter a Saturday Winter League series is also held. In addition, and running from June to December, the club hosts further Saturday events on other local venues. By way of another bonus members can also fish any of the competitions organised by the Kilnhurst and District Angling Alliance, which include River and Canal Championships and Saturday matches on Baker’s Pond throughout the Spring and Summer.

The following list details all of the upcoming matches planned at present.

DateVenueMatchDrawBook With
28th January Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
4th February Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
11th February Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
18th February Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
25th February Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
4th March 16Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
11th March 16Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
18st March 16Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Harry Booth
25th March 16Great Pond, Ravenfield Winter Saturday League08:30Dave Hawkridge
1st AprilGreat Pond, RavenfieldSweepstake08:30Harry Booth
8th AprilGreat Pond, RavenfieldSweepstake08:30Harry Booth
15th AprilGreat Pond, RavenfieldSweepstake08:30Harry Booth
22th AprilGreat Pond, RavenfieldSweepstake08:30Harry Booth
29th AprilGreat Pond, RavenfieldSweepstake08.30Harry Booth
3rd MayWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
6th MayBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
10th MayWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
13th MayBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
17th MayWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
20th MayBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
23rd MayGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
24th MayWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
27th MayBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
30th MayGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
31st MayWednesday BurclffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
3rd JuneGreat PondSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
6th JuneGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
7th JuneWednesday, BurclffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
10th JuneBaker's pondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
13th JuneGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
14th JuneWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
17th JuneBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
20th JuneGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
21st JuneWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
24th JuneGreat PondSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
27th JuneGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
28th JuneWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
1st JulyCanal CrodaSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
4th JulyGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
5th JulyWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.3Graham Higgins
8th JulyBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
11th JulyGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
12th JulyWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
15th JulyBaker's ChampionshipOpen match10.00Dave Hawkridge
18th JulyGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
19th JulyWednesday, BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
22nd JulyGreat PondSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
25th JulyGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
26th JulyWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
29th JulyBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
1st AugustGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
2nd AugustWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
5th AugustBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
8th AugustGreat PondTuesday Evening16.00Harry Booth
9th AugustWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
12th AugustCanal @ CrodaSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
16th AugustWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
19th AugustBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
23rd AugustWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
26th AugustCanal CrodaArthur Stead Memorial08.30Dave Hawkridge
30th AugustWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
2nd SeptemberBaker's PondSweepstake10.00Dave Hawkridge
6th SeptemberWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
9th SeptemberSaturday MatchDon Championship08.30Dave Hawkridge
10th SeptemberGreat PondMick Etches Memorial08.30Dave Hawkridge
13th SeptemberWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
16th SeptemberGreat PondRavenfield Championship08.30Dave Hawkridge
20th SeptemberWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
23rd SeptemberCanal CrodaCanal Championship08.30Dave Hawkridge
27th SeptemberWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
30th SeptemberRiver DonSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
4th OctoberWednesday BurcliffeSweepstake08.30Graham Higgins
7th OctoberGreat PondSaturday Match08.30Dave Hawkridge
14th OctoberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
21st OctoberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
28th OctoberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
4th NovemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
11th NovemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
18th NovemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
25th NovemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
2nd DecemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
9th DecemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
16th DecemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
23rd DecemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth
30th DecemberGreat PondWinter League08.30Harry Booth